Reducing Traffic Penalties When Pleading Guilty

One of the best privileges you can enjoy as a well-compensated professional is that you can buy your own car and of course, drive it. Driving your own car to work is way more convenient most of the time as compared to commuting. However, the benefits of driving come along with responsibilities. To sum up these responsibilities into one, you should know you just have to be a responsible driver, abiding by the rules.

The requirements you have to comply to get a licence to drive include driving skills that are satisfactory. Also, need to have great knowledge on the policies on the road. Among the things you should know are the traffic offences you need to avoid.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the common offences. Also, you have careless driving that may lead to serious injury or death. When a police stops you and you failed to follow the order, that is also one. Now, if you drive with a suspended licence under Infringements Act 2006, then you commit this type of violation. Entering a level crossing or refusing to stop when a tram or train is approaching are also traffic offences. Click here to know more.

Should you get involved in any of these offences, a reliable traffic lawyer should help you through the case.

Melanie Gibbons: Promoting Motorists Safety With Yahoo Advertising

In the small town of Sandy Point, a bridge has gained enormous attention for the past years, six to be exact. Within the span of six years, this road infrastructure has already claimed nine lives. As such, it is already regarded as an infamous “black spot.”

This bridge is no other than the Deadmans Creek Bridge. This is a narrow, two-lane bridge that is situated in the Heathcote Road. It is an important passage as it connects the two sides of Menai. In short, it serves as a link between towns. On the other hand, Heathcote Road is considered as a major arterial link between Liverpool and Wollongong. Numerous automobiles as well as heavy trucks pass by this road and also this bridge on a daily basis, not to mention the foot traffic.

Because of the negative reputation of Deadmans Creek Bridge, plenty of political figures have promised to include the improvement of this infrastructure in their plans. One of them is Melanie Gibbons. Even before she run as the MP for Menai back in 2011, she has already showed interest in upgrading this bridge. Now that she got the position, she never forgot her promise. In fact, instead of just repairing the bridge, she, together with the RMS, has planned to build a new one. The construction is currently undergoing and will most likely be completed in the year 2015.

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